Help Stop Rabbit Farm Cruelty in Germany!

by Team

Target: Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt, Germany

Most rabbits raised on German farms are kept in cruel conditions, according to animal welfare group Deutscher Tierschutzbund.

German consumers purchase about 30 million rabbits per year. A quarter of these are used for food, while the rest are sold as pets. But Germany's low standards for rabbit farming allow them to be kept in cramped metal cages. These terrible conditions cause injuries and sores on rabbits' paws, as well as emotional stress. Rabbits are naturally social animals who need room to hop and soft materials like wood to chew.

Germany's current rabbit welfare law is minimal. It only dictates the size and structure of the cages, and requires farmers to check on rabbits twice a day for signs of illness. Please sign the petition to urge German's Agriculture Minister to create legislation to ensure a better quality of life for farmed rabbits so they can get the exercise, space, diets, medical care and social interaction they need.