Hope you are going to enjoy being a LetsChangeLife Member.

Thanks to letschange.life you can not only change the world by gathering signatures but also earn money for you or your foundation. All you have to do is add the petition and promote it any way you want e.g by sharing this petition on your fanpage or on the website. If you come to the conclusion that the amount of signatures is enough write to us and we will pay you the amount of money according to the list below. We support good initiatives and because of that we belive that nobody will try to cheat on us.

10000+ signatures  – $10
50000+ signatures  – $140
100000+ signatures  – $500
1000000+ signatures  – $2500

We do not accept:

- fake, generated signatures

- operate to the disadvantage letschange.life and our community

We are not interested in exclusiveness thats why except for letschange.life you can also, at the same time, use other petition websites or organisations.